Experimental Music Event

December 10th 2020

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ROUND1, 19:00         ROUND2, 21:00

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This edition there will be two acts and two expo's sharing, showing, gracing the stage of DB's. Come experience the set of pop artist Felicitas and listen to the melancholic musical touch of band Momo. Find out about the Quawas with researcher Annebel Vernooij and meet the surreal, comic world of illustrator Myrthe Legerstee. All in DB's on december 10th.




Felicitas is a German singer-songwriter and bedroom producer, now based in the Netherlands. Born in the late nineties, she grew up with cheesy 00’s R&B ballads like Ne-Yo’s "So sick" and female role models like Beyoncé, which made her develop a sixth sense for catchy top lines. This background, combined with later experiences of contemporary, more experimental electronic music in German night-clubs, results in a highly distinctive pop sound. 

Recently she released her EP 'I told it to myself, now I’m telling it to everyone else'. A collection of songs about the intimacy of love and how vulnerable, but also secure it can be. It is an expression of feelings and memories, written like a diary. Later on she combined her song 'you make me feel alive' with an music video.




Imagine a white lily on a shady stage, lit by purple green spotlights and sprinkled with reflections of a disco ball. Very slowly it sways to the sound of vibrating synth chords, very softly it stretches its blossoms to grow with the bow of melancholic guitar melodies. Very carefully it tastes the words of an almost whispering voice.

Momo consists of Magdalena Spinka, Konstantin Schreiber and Tomás Gomes. Together they study Musician 3.0 at the Utrechts Conservatory and combine vocals, piano, guitar, bass, synthesizer and drum machine in this project.




Myrthe Legerstee: Words that would describe my work are, dark, funny and surreal. Absurdity is a characteristic part of my work and I use this to put the consequences of our western society in a different context. With this way of telling a story I want to challenge and trigger the viewer to think about these consequences. It’s very  important to me to be critical about the world around us. 

I like to bring my illustrations to life by adding movement to them. This movement is often very minimal.


Qawas is the name of a recently discovered organism.
The biological scientist who discovered the Qawas built several life-size replicas of the Qawas to study them properly. Each repliva shows a different form of life, such as reproduction, aging and the absorption and emission of food.This evening Annebel Vernooij, the discoverer of the Qawas, will give a masterclass about the Qawas. She will discus every detail like how the Qawas originated, how it feeds, how it reproduces and what the pattern of life looks like.

ROUND1, 19:00      ROUND2, 21:00

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This Nulpunt Edition will be held @DB's