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Nulpunt Session / Klankdrager

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Nulpunt Session / Klankdrager


Get your Nulpunt Session Ticket for the 1st of may here:

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This time we take you with us in the W.I.P (Work In Progress) of Annabel Schouten en Elsa van der Linden. We followed their work of Klankdrager; a performative installation. Together with de Maakruimte at de Havenloods in Utrecht, they could fulfill their ideas. On our social media channels we post more about their work in progress. On 1st of may you have the opportunity to see the installation and exposition at de Maakruimte. We have 4 rounds, so that there is enough space to keep the 1,5m distance. Still there are limited tickets, so don't hesitate and choose your favorite time and buy your ticket now. 


If you can't hold your excitement and you want to be part of the progress, than buy a W.I.P ticket for the 17th of april. From 15:00 to 16:30 we will create a space to meet the artists, to ask questions and to see them at work in the Maakruimte. Annabel and Elsa have prepared a session in which they invite you to come and experience inner and outer sounds. This session allows you to get an exclusive insight in the project Klankdrager. By participating you become part of the work. 





Klankdrager is a performative installation, a listening experience developed in collaboration between Annabel Schouten and Elsa van der Linden. This research started very playful by simply putting plastic cones on their heads and listening to the sound inside the cone. Through the use of different materials, sound resonates in multiple ways. The vibrations, placed close to the ears, trigger an audible and spatial sensitivity. Through sound and movement they create an intimate and immersive experience. If your hat is connected to someone else’s, how do you move through space, led by sound, guided by movement.


Annabel Schouten

Annabel Schouten (1999) is a sound and installation developer, musician, composer and performer studying Music Performance Art at the conservatory of Utrecht, HKU. As an artist she is fascinated by the temporality of everything, by the fact that everything is moving.

In her performances she uses acoustic sounds to create a natural atmosphere. She invites her audience to listen with all their senses. She uses the violin, her voice and other sounds that feel alive.



Elsa van der Linden

There is so much sound, so much to listen to, but where to start? 

Born and raised on the Frisian flatlands, Elsa van der Linden always felt inspired by the horizon in distance. As a child she was curious to interaction between the visible and the audible.  

In 2018 she graduated as a Music Performance Artist by studying Musician 3.0, at the HKU Conservatory. There she focused mainly on improvising and creating performances beyond the  different disciplines. 

Elsa is currently graduating as a Master of Scenography(HKU). As a scenographer she creates space to listen to what is already there. By composing a listening environment and guiding the spectators. 

Through her fascination for improvising she became cofounder of Stichting BUI(Bevordering Utrechtse Improvisatie). Together with 5 other young artist she organizes concerts/festivals and other events to connect interdisciplinaire artists with BUI. Also they play and make together as a collective: BUI-POOL. BUI is managing a musical hub called: ONDERBUIK at a former fort in Utrecht. This beautiful bunker on the green fort is where Elsa also has her studio. 

As a musician and scenographer she likes to work site specific. Elsa plays and improvises with the surroundings. With the saxophone as instrument and the space as co-performer, she shows the spectator what is happening in the moment.
De Maakruimte
In this Nulpunt edition our artists will work together with De Maakruimte.
De Maakruimte is a foundation, based in Utrecht and has its place sinds 2019 at the Havenloods, where our artists will be working and where the event will take place.

De Maakruimte designs, develops and produces creative and innovative projects. With various disciplines they make connections and crossovers between them, by experimenting, doing and researching. Their team consists of specialists from education, research, welfare, art, culture and entrepreneurs and has a large network of makers. Creativity is the key word of de maakruimte. 


ROUND1, 14:00         ROUND2, 15:00

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ROUND3, 16:00         ROUND4, 17:00

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This Nulpunt Edition will be held at De Maakruimte.