Experimental Music Event

October 15th 2020


In this edition we brought to the stage

Vo ge el

Merel Vorst made her wearable installation 'CALM DOWN HUMAN' based upon the way nature communicates in mass and color. Vo ge el is a continuation, researching sensory communication through movement, language and sound. Performer Barry de Bruin shows this research as a poetic piece building on a sensitive logic.



Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, combines psychedelic music with doom and metal, while also including calmer and atmospheric passages. The lyrics are inspired by movies, literature and philosophy. The band's name refers to Gula, the Mesopotamian goddess of healing. The band consists of Ilja Fase, Jan Bleijenberg, Pieter Dirksen (also in Compact Star) and Aad Oliehoek . Gula is currently recording their second album, some of the new songs will be played at Nulpunt!



the event was held @ De Vrijstaat