Experimental Music Event

Every three months a Nulpunt event is taking place, with a set of interdisciplinary music projects, performances and expositions at cultural venues in Utrecht, such as De Vrijstaat, Touchstone, ACU, dB's and Tivoli Vredenburg. Giving young, professional artists a stage to perform and experiment. 

Nulpunt is part of a scene of music performance artists that want to experiment, improvise, move, set, build, shed. To have it be about now and make new connections. Willing to go back to our very fundament to find what is overlooked. To have our point of view be, zero-point.  

During the corona outbreak we focused on our new concept Nulpunt Sessions. We interviewed different artists from the Netherlands about their Work In Progress. Our interest was to show our community how artists work and how art develops from out 'nothing'. We were so fascinated about it that we are now experimenting to put this W.I.P into an event, documentation and collaboration with different venues in Utrecht. 
Check out our agenda for our first edition on 1st of may, 2021. 

Our goal is to connect artists. To initiate more and more collaborations. To be on the cutting edge. To strengthen this community that allows us to learn.