Experimental Music Event

Nulpunt is organized by a young team of music performance artists, managing the event with love and care. Building a scene of pionier artists and cultural organizers, interested in the quality of experiment. Learning how to play vast, integrating all of our abilities and interests.

Nulpunt is organised for artists by artists



Rebecca Kreyenberg is a music artist from Germany, specialized on writing, producing electronic pop music and singing. Rebecca is Head of Promotion.  



Annabel Schouten is an artist that works with sound and experience as an creator, musician, performer and composer. She believes that being an artist is not about presenting the work when it is finished. It is, even more, about the moment in which it is created. Annabel is Manager of Nulpunt.

Gemma Luz Bosch is a performer, composer and instrument developer. Last years she investigated how to use unconventional sounds that aren’t normally used in music. She performs playing own compositions on piano and playing live soundscapes. Gemma is our Artistic Director.